If you’re taking notes, jot these down. If you’re not taking notes, go ahead and jot them down anyway. Two types of power. Number one, the power of choice is willpower. It’s about the selection. Number two, the power of change. Two types of power. We’re gonna talk about the power of choice will, where there’s a will. There’s a way, the power of choice. Do you have power Mt. Carmel Church?

You have a will. Number two is way the power of change, the power of, of making a decision, power of connection if you will. So let’s look at the first one, the power of choice. God has a will, but so do you. You have a will for your life. Don’t underestimate, I want to encourage you this. Don’t underestimate the power of your choice or don’t underestimate the power of your will. Let’s look at gold to Romans. We’re still in the same book. Just go to chapter 12 don’t underestimate the power of your will to make choices, to make decisions. This is, we’re going to talk about in this first power and how significant of difference that can make in our lives. The power of choice. Romans chapter 12 I’m going to start reading there in verse two and it says, and do not, do not ever say do not. So if he tells us, do not understand this about the Bible everywhere God says do not. That means we can do not.

He never tells us to do not do something that we can’t do. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, the power of choice. Notice what he says and do not. So here’s the will, here’s the choice we have. Do not be conformed. Now I want to break this down for a little bit. That’s why I give you sermon notes and, and sometimes I want to break this down a little more detailed level because I want you to get it. I don’t want to just read over the Bible and go, that’s cool and move on Mt. Carmel Church.

But I want you to understand what God is asking you and I have to do and what it means. So when he says, do not to you and me be confirmed, here’s what the word conforming. It’s a verb. The means to shape, form, or mold one’s behavior in agreement with a pattern or set of standards. So you define, define that or roughly translate that to say, don’t shape or mold your behavior according to the world’s pattern or standards. Don’t shape your behavior or your thinking or your actions according to the world’s standards or pattern Mt. Carmel Church.

We’re not using the world’s standards for our standards of behavior. We’re not using the world’s standards for our standards of thinking. Don’t be shaped. Don’t let your life be or formed according to the world’s standards. How many of you parents, maybe you’ve heard this or maybe you just friend, you’ve heard somebody say this, let’s come up to you. Say, Hey, well at least I’m not as bad as so-and-so. Not as bad as them. Okay, data could be doing drugs. Okay, I understand that but how many know our standard is not supposed to be the worst person we know.

The kids said, well, dad, I’m at least I’m not doing drugs. I said I know, but that’s not our standard. Our standard is not the worst person, the lowest person, the person that’s furthest away from God. Let’s measure our standard is not from that standpoint, from the world’s eyes, whatever the worst person is in the world’s eyes, our standard is what God has for our lives. I could be. I’m not as bad as Joe is a husband. He’s terrible. Well, Joe’s not our standard. Who’s our standard? Jesus husbands. Love your wives as Joe loves his wife. Huh? I wish she’d said that. I’d feel a whole lot better about myself. But it doesn’t say that. It says husbands love your wives as Jesus loved the church. Whew. So who’s our standard? Jesus wives Saint for you. Just not mentioning you, but our standard is Jesus Mt. Carmel Church.

So he’s saying here, do not be conformed. Do not be shaped after that standard. But under the word conformed is important. It’s two different types of voices. It’s a passive voice and a middle voice. And there’s a reason I’m going to break this down because I think it’s important. Do not be conformed, shaped, molded behavior. The passive voice means that the subject is being acted upon. In other words, something’s doing it to it. So when he says, don’t be conformed by the world, he’s saying that there are things outside of you that can shape and mold you outside of you that can happen Mt. Carmel Church.

That’s the passive voice. But it’s also the middle voice. And the middle voice says where the subject is acting upon itself. There’s also a way that I can be confirmed. I can be shaped and molded by what other people do, but I also can shape and mold according to what I do to myself Mt. Carmel Church.

There are two influences in our life and that’s one we’ll talk about the power of choice. There’s what other people do to me, and there’s also what I do to myself. There are thoughts that you can make me think about myself and there are things that I think about myself that have nothing to do with anybody else. I just do it to myself. Sometimes our biggest enemy is the enemy on the inside of us.

It’s not about, well, the devil, this or those people that sometimes as Michael Jackson said, it’s the man in the mirror. Sometimes it’s just us, but that’s what he’s saying. Don’t be conformed to this world, but be transformed. So we have the power of choice regarding what we’re going to be conformed to, but be transformed. That word means to change the essential nature of something. What do we transform by? Transformed by renewing your mind.