If you want to make that step of faith, I pray that you just sincerely declare this to God. Say, father in heaven, I believe that Jesus is the way I believe you died on the cross for my sins to make a way for me. I believe he Rose from the dead so that I could have a new life. Today I choose your way. I use my will to choose your way. Forgive me of all my sins. Come into my heart, be my Lord, be my savior. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for saving me in Jesus’ name. [inaudible] right now with every head bowed, every eye closed. If you’re here, you say, Chad, that was me. I prayed that prayer this morning and I made a step of faith to give my heart to God. If you would just want the kind of three, would you just slip your hand up in the air Mt. Carmel Church?

We want to know who you are. One, two, three. Let me see your hand. You’re saying that’s me. Chet. Yeah. One, two, three, four. Who else? Overflow room. We’ll see you. We’ll see you. We’ll see you. Raise your hand. Raise your hand. Five. I see it. Yeah. Come on buddy. That’s it. It’s God speaking to you. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Every one of you that raised your hand. I want you to do me a favor. Take your connect card out and Mark on there, but today I chose Jesus as my Lord and savior. We’d love to give you your next steps. Talk about water baptism, relationship with him. That’s far more than just raising your hand into decision in a moment. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle connection Mt. Carmel Church.

We want to help you with that. Walk with God. If you had prayer requests on your prayer, on your connect cards, regenerate, receive our vision offering. I want to take a moment just to speak to that. This is separate from our normal offering, but I didn’t want to take them separately because I, I told the team, I’ve got a little stigma about passing the plates twice. I don’t want people to feel like we’re fleecing them again, but with the vision offering is about as something over and above what we normally do in our tithes and offerings. This is one time a year we would come together to say, God, we’re thankful for what you’ve done and we’re looking forward to what you want to do. Last year, if you weren’t here or don’t know about last year, we decided our first ever vision offering, we were going to give it away completely Mt. Carmel Church.

Whatever came in, well, what came in was over $102,000 and we gave it away to a church in Florida to help them rebuild after hurricane. So we sowed that seed in faith. Thank God we have a lot of needs. We could use $102,000 for a lot of things, but we sewed it in faith and God supplied and over through the generosity of people and through all kinds of ways. But this year we feel like, okay, now God’s saying, use it to build what I’m doing here. So we’re going to do it. I’ve got a scripture in Exodus that I’m going to read you. It took my son, so bring it up on the screen if you would. Exodus 35 I believe, and Moses spoke to all the congregation of the children visual saying this is the thing which the Lord commanded saying, take from among you in offering to the Lord, whoever is of willing heart Mt. Carmel Church.

Let him bring it as an offering to the Lord gold, silver, and bronze to the next verse. Then it jumps down to verse 21 then everyone came whose heart was stirred and everyone whose spirit was willing and they brought the Lord’s offering for the work of the tabernacle of meeting for all its service and for the Holy garments. I’m not buying new garments with the offering, but it is going to be to build the church. We talked about the sound system that we’re looking at the ability to do this. This is also not only the ability to put a better sound into the overflow room, but now we will be able to put live singers in the overflow room, so out there overflow room, we’re bringing live people to you to build lead the worship experience out there. Our goal is for everything to be live in the overflow room except for the preaching, just like one of our campuses Mt. Carmel Church.

Trying to enhance that, make that a better experience. We’re driving wanting to purchase cameras so that we can have different angles and and more clarity for the online experience for wanting to expand the room. We’re going to cut back the stage and try and remodel the room a little bit to make more room for more people because we want to connect more people to Jesus from all roads of life. We’re going to try and expand our ministry in the pantry and what we do to provide needs for the community. We’ve got, we want to change her backdrop. We’re going to have a new screen here and, and be able to get readies for what we’re going to do to object to Mount Carmel so that we can get Mount Carmel to a morning service and be able to stream live into that location. So we’re not going back and forth on a Sunday night Mt. Carmel Church.

And so all of these things that I list after list wanting to make more, more equipment and more things available for children’s ministry and just all I could give you a laundry list of things you’d like. Ted, do you have any vision for what God wants to do in 2020 yes Mt. Carmel Church. Yes.