Pray for me. But it’s in that writes, I’m dealing with some obstacles. Cha, I know we are. We’re all dealing with obstacles, but you’ve gotta be thinking about what is this obstacle doing for me when I overcome it? When overcome fear, what does that do for that helps me. The next time. Fear comes, what do I do when I overcome jealousy and insecurity? What I do when I overcome and forgiveness and bitterness? What do I do when I overcome that the next time when bitterness and number come, uh, unforgiveness knocks on my door. That was me jumping over an obstacle right there. Okay. She didn’t know Mt. Carmel Church

Some of you like to, some of you didn’t. That’s all right. Come up with your own obstacle illustration next time. But here’s the point. Here’s the point. Sometimes it’s hard, but let’s don’t focus on the difficulty. It’s focused on the development. Let’s go to the third one. It’s number three Oh crazy this morning. Number one, it’s unknown. Number two, it’s hard. Number three, it’s long the way of God’s long sometimes, Oh, it’s long Lord Jesus. It’s long. The problem is that we don’t know the way. We just have trouble staying connected to it Mt. Carmel Church.

Sometimes it’s stuff that we don’t know the way of God. We just get tired and want to unplug. I’ve tried that, Chad. I want to do something else. Sometimes it’s just long. Here’s a scripture verse for us. Hebrews 10 36 for you have need of endurance so that after you’ve done the will, after you’ve done the will of God, after you’ve done the will of God, you may receive the promise for you have need of endurance. You know what? You and I, we need endurance. We want microwave answers. God says you need endurance Mt. Carmel Church.

That’s the way we feel, right? When you’re like, can you do that to God? What do you mean? Sometimes how we feel too, might as well be honest like I don’t, I don’t want to have to wait again. Obstacle, waiting time is my obstacle, but when I understand what God is building in me that now I’m not connected to time, so I’m not antsy and anxious. I’m patient. That’s what he’s building endurance in us because the word endurance means capacity to continue under difficult circumstances. We have to be able to be connected, to stay connected the right way to experience God’s will. I believe it’s a big deal because I see one of the, one of the challenges in church, one of the good things about church, one of the challenges about church, you pastor long enough, you see people come and go, Mt. Carmel Church

I’ve got nothing. I really, I, so you said that was one of them leaving, right? That was a car door. They’re out. They said the sermon is too long. I’m out. But here I said I didn’t have anything, but I believe I did. But focus people, we’ve got a real suspect here. What was I talking? I don’t even know. I just had an Olaf moment there. I don’t even know. What was I talking about? Stay connected. Determine. Yeah, man. It was going to be good. Oh yeah, I remember. So anyway. I was thinking it’d be pastoring long enough and see people come and go. One of the biggest challenges I’ve had in my life, and I’ve seen it in other people, is staying power. It’s easy to get hyped in the moment. God’s going to do it. Whoo. Yes. Amen. He’s faithful and true. It’s written on his thigh Mt. Carmel Church.

He is faithful, faithful, faithful, faithful. God, two months gone by faithful God. The year goes by faithful. Good Lord. Where’s he yet? Five. Faithful. Faithful, faithful to the tither. Faithful. Eh, I’m not seeing the result. Faithful and pretty soon we unplug because we don’t have staying power. God says, I want to build endurance with you, that you can stand up under difficult circumstances. He’s not building. He’s not building mealy mouth. I’m like, man, a check check. You can’t say that. He’s not billing wimpy people. second service will be better. Just pray for me. he’s building people that have some endurance. He doesn’t want Christians that avoid confrontation. He want Christians that he wants. He wants Christians that overcome. You guys just want to start over. Is that what you want to do? You’re letting me like, this guy’s a moron. You could be right.

it was one of those moments as a public, you’re like, which way do I go? I’m going to bring it home. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to bring this baby home. We’re going to land this bad boy. Turbulence is in the air, but we’re going to bring it down. Oh man, overflow. We love you. We love you. The power of choice Mt. Carmel Church, power of choices about selection. You and I, we all have the power of choice. We all have will. God has a power of choice for you. He has a selection for you as an ideal for you, as a goal for you as a desire for you, but will we experience his will? We will not, unless we do it his way.