I’ve got to have the right way, so it’s like if I don’t know God’s way, then I can’t experience his will, so sometimes we don’t experience God’s will because we haven’t been taught his way. Here’s what the Bible says in Hosea four six my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, lack of knowledge, lack of knowledge. We go on a trip sometime. I remember the first time I traveled internationally, not the first time. Let me go the second time. We’re traveling early on. Let’s go early on. Stop the Chad. Just move on. It doesn’t matter. Nobody’s paying attention to how many times. Just let me have my conversation, Donna, moving out. Oh, here we go. So you’re traveling internationally and you go to plug in and the wall, and I don’t know if you know this about international travel, but they don’t. Every nation, they don’t have the same voltage that we do with Mt. Carmel Church.

So when you go to plug in a device, if you don’t have the right adapter, you can fry your device. But if you have the right adapter, then it works perfectly fine. So the problem’s not with the supply being sent. The problem is me learning how the right way to connect with it. So I didn’t know I had to bring this certain adapter. So I just went and I plugged into my device and all of a sudden this thing just got awfully hot and just because of what happened, I didn’t know. I didn’t know. Some of our problem with experiencing the will of God is we just don’t know. We don’t know what we don’t know theirs. Look what it says in Psalm 32 eight I will instruct you and teach you in the way everybody say the way I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go Mt. Carmel Church.

This is God speaking. I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will guide you with my eye. You know what that means. That means there is a way that has to be instructed and taught. If God says to you and me that I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, then there is a way that I have to be instructed and taught. It’s too easy for us to adopt the ideology and the mindset that the will of God is just going to happen, whatever cause that means I don’t have to learn anything and I don’t have to be taught anything. I just get to sit there and be me and God’s going to do whatever he wants, but that is not what our Bible says. There is a way that I want you to go, but I got to instruct you in it and I’ve got to teach you in it for solid Mt. Carmel Church.

I got to teach you the way. You got to learn the way of God. We got to learn how to act. I mean, you teach your kids how to act. They don’t walk out saying, yes ma’am. They don’t walk out saying, please, I’m not last night walking through the parade, handing out little glow sticks and I don’t know how many times a parent, I give them no gloves and said, what’s up? How many times apparently does it? What do you say? Why did they do that? Because they’re teaching them, teaching them manners. Teach them to be grateful. Teach them to think so. So why would we think there’s a way of God that doesn’t have to be taught? We gotta learn how to talk. As believers, we gotta learn how to treat other people.

Yes, we gotta learn how to think. We got to learn what thoughts to think on, what thoughts, not to think on. There’s a way, there’s a way. There’s a way we got to learn how to handle our finances. We we, we got learn how to take care of our bodies. Let’s just talk about the will of God. So number one, it’s unknown. Here’s number two. We’ve got to move forward. Number two, it’s hard the way of God’s hard. Number two, the reason why we aren’t experienced in the will of God sometimes cause it’s hard to work with great Mt. Carmel Church.

Matthew seven 14 we read it said because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life and there are a few who find it narrow. The word narrow means restricted or limited by obstacles. So sometimes we’re not experienced in the will of God is because there are obstacles. I thought about this and I thought about obstacles the other day and I’ve made a little video post about it. Maybe you caught it if you didn’t want to mention it when I was thinking about sometimes there’s obstacles along the way. It’s hard now begin to think about the military. I’ve been to think about people going into boot camp and training camp and how, how they go through these. They literally intentionally build obstacle courses.

like on purpose create obstacles. Why do they do that? Because an obstacle is to impede or hinder progress. So why would you intentionally create obstacles and force people to go through them? That’s insane. You’re going to hinder and slow people down. If you look at it from that perspective or you can look at it from their perspective. They’re not concerned about the difficulty of the obstacle. As much as they are concerned about the development of the soldier, they’re not focused on that obstacle themselves Mt. Carmel Church.

They’re focused on what the obstacle is doing to them. That when you go through that obstacle and you get over it and you overcome it and you overcome it and you overcome it, eventually as you overcome once, now you begin to overcome faster and you get better and more adept at it. Now you’re overcoming these obstacles. You become a better soldier now because the obstacles are the focus, but your development is the focus and so God’s spoken in my heart. He said, Chad, you’re worried too much about the difficulty and not a much about not so much about the development. Sometimes they get talking too fast. I’m sorry, slow down. It’s had a lot of want to say. You got a lot of words in here bubbling up Mt. Carmel Church.