So the problem wasn’t the power supply. The problem was the connection to the power supply. So you get frustrated sometimes because you’re not seeing the results that you want. And we think we’ve got a will problem, but we don’t necessarily have a will problem. We have a way problem. We’ve got a connection problem. The problem isn’t that God doesn’t want it for you. The problem isn’t that God doesn’t want us to have it. It’s that we may not be correct connected in the right way to what he’s given Mt. Carmel Church.

Because how many, so if you would have go to plug in your Christmas tree and the lights aren’t working, but the refrigerator’s working and the lights are on, how silly would it be for you to call up the power company and say, Hey yo, the Christmas trees not on, can you send somebody one of the big bucket trucks or something come by my tree? How silly would that be? Because you know the power is being sent because it’s working in other areas, but it’s not working in that area. So we understand in the natural that it’s possible for the power supply to be sent, but we not have it connected in certain areas. Do we understand that? How come we don’t believe that spiritually Mt. Carmel Church?

How come we don’t believe that it’s also possibly spiritually for the power to be supplied and we not be it in every area of our life like we should. We may be connected and working fine in this area and not be connected at all in this area and we’ll blame it on the will of God when we really need to be looking at our connection to the will of God, our connection to the way of God, and this is what I’m looking at today. I want us to understand these two types of power. There’s the power of choice and there’s the power of change, power of connection. We don’t necessarily have a w a w a will problem or a can, a selection problem, but we’ve got a way problem. What if, what if this, let me ask it this way. We may have been one his will with our will, but choosing the right way is the issue Mt. Carmel Church.

What about if we’re having trouble with the feelings or the thoughts that we’re dealing with? Maybe maybe we’re having trouble with thoughts and and we think, God, why am I having these thoughts or why am I having these feelings? So maybe is it a will problem or is it a way problem? Are we connected to something we shouldn’t be connected to? Philippians four verses eight and nine says this, finally brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just whatever things are pure, lovely, good report. If there’s any virtue, anything praiseworthy, meditate on.

Oh, hold up, hold up. Okay, let me go through the list again cause I’m not sure you were ready for that. True noble, just pure, lovely, good report, virtue and praise worthy. Meditate on if we got to meditate on these things. Are there other things? If there are these things that are noble, just pure, lovely, good report, virtue and praise worthy. Are there other things I’m just asking so if he says, meditate on these, if that’s his structure, if that’s his way, that’s his way from my thoughts to meditate on these. What happens if I don’t do it his way? Look at verse nine these things which you learned the things which you learned and received and heard and saw on Twitter. These, sorry. I said maybe I misread these. These things which you learned and received and heard and saw on Facebook Mt. Carmel Church.

Let’s try it again. The things that you learned and receive. Where’s he going to go with this one? Heard and saw on TV. These do. No, he says saw in me, these do and the God of peace will be with you. It’s never that. The God of peace is not with us because his will is holding out on us. We may not be connected with his way by what we’re meditating on and wondering why. My thoughts. Why? My anxieties, why my fears are running rampant because I’m not doing it his way so I’m not experiencing his will

when I meditate on the negative things and not on the praiseworthy things, I should not shocked when I’m not experiencing his peace. God, where’s your peace that God, how come you won’t give me peace? How come you won’t give you peace? Because you’re not connected to my way. When you’re connected to my way, you get my will. My will is peace for you. Well, I can’t help it. I’m just all this is going to meditate on these things where things are good, lovely, noble, just word praise worthy. Are you thinking of those things? I’m thinking about what they said to me Mt. Carmel Church.

I’m thinking about what they dead. I’m meditating on that. When we rehearse the things that are opposite of this, I cannot be shocked when I don’t experience what God has for my life when I meditate on what God says. So here’s some problems with the way. If I’m, if you say, Chad, I’m not experiencing the will of God. Here’s some froms with the way that we might’ve been experiencing. Give you three things, problems with the way, number one, the way his way, why my experience his way. Number one, it’s unknown, unknown. We may not know it. We may not know his way. We may be just totally oblivious to it, maybe never been taught. The power of our will is not the issue. If we don’t know the right way, it’s like, Hey, everybody’s got willpower and I can have willpower. Willpower is great, but if I don’t know the way to direct the right way to direct my willpower, my willpower is not going to help me Mt. Carmel Church.