Again, I want to say this just because important, because new people come every week and you need to know this. The foundation of this series, the will of God is based on God’s desire for you. So God has a heart’s desire for you Mt. Carmel Church.

That’s what his will is based on. It’s not because he just wants to make you do it because he has a desire for you and for me. So if the will of God is his heart’s desire, then the way of God is the means by which we achieve that will. We all want success. But Paul said, I don’t just want success. I want success God’s way. And that’s what we’re talking about. We want to do it God’s way with Mt. Carmel Church.

So God does have a will for our life, but he does not have a will that is not accessible to you. He doesn’t have a wheel for you that you can’t get to, that you can achieve. Look at your neighbor and say, he’s made a way for you to, he’s made away with Mt. Carmel Church. He’s made away. So here’s the question we’ll start out with today. If God’s made a way for you and you just told your neighbor that, and maybe you didn’t want to tell the other person, but you can tell them again that he’s made a way for you too.

Here’s the question, is partnership or connection with the way of God necessary for us to experience the will of God is partnership, cooperation or connection with the way of God? Paul said, I want to find a way in the will of God is partnership or connection or cooperation with the way of God necessary for us to experience the will of God. It’s a great question. Is the will of God just arbitrary? It’s going to happen no matter what you do or is there a reason that you and I have to cooperate with the way of God to experience the will of God? This is what we’re building on. This is what we’re talking about. We talked about last week in Ephesians chapter one how God predestined us to adoption. He predestined us to adoption as sons or daughters that represents his will. He predestined us. That was the power of choice.

The power of selection. There’s two powers that we’re gonna talk about today. Number one is the power of choice, which is about selection. That’s will. Number two is the power of change, which is about connection, means access. This is how we’re going to do it. So will means God selects it. He chooses it. This is what he wants, but this is also something that we have the power of will. We have the power of selection. We have the power of choice. I was sent to Walmart for three things. Why did I come out with 12 because I had the power of choice for us Mt. Carmel Church.

Walmart didn’t tell me, no, you only came in for three things. They were more than happy to let me take out more things. You have the power of choice. You have that power of selection, but then we also have the power of change or connections the way, so if God predestined us to adoption of his sons, that’s his will, but doing it by Christ Jesus. In verse five this is the way, here’s the will. I want you to be a son or daughter of mine. I’ve a predestined you to be my son or daughter. But here’s the way you have to do it through Jesus Christ. So God’s got a will, but he’s got a way. If you don’t do it his way, you don’t get his will Mt. Carmel Church.

When God said he predestined us, that means he predestined his choice and his way. It does not mean he predestined your will and your way. Predestined was what he made from himself of himself. I’ve predestined my will is for you to be my son and daughter. That’s my choice for you. But I don’t know if it’s your choice for you. When God predestined something, he predestined his side, but he left our side open. God’s not manipulating

your choices. He’s giving you the opportunity to have a choice because love is based on a choice. So that’s what we talked about. Last thing. So, so let’s go to the two types of power. Look, look at this. Wait, uh, Christmas lights. Let me ask you about Christmas lights. Some of you’re laughing already Mt. Carmel Church.

Have you any, have you ever gotten frustrated by putting up Christmas lights either on your house or on your treat your, during the Christmas season? My wife is raising her hand. She, she loves Christmas lights and, and sometimes she gets frustrated with the Christmas lights Mt. Carmel Church, don’t work correctly and, and we all do. We’ve all been through there and, and, and during Christmas times for all the Christmas movies comes out, come out and there’s one Christmas movie that, uh, that, uh, is always funny because it has this part where this guy’s putting Christmas lights all over his house, like 25,000 lights you and he goes and has all the plugins and he’s getting ready to plug them in and boom plugs them in and nothing, nothing works.

So he goes in and checks every single bulb, 25,000 checks every single one to make sure nothing’s wrong. Most of us never throw them away, go buy new ones, but he’s checking every bulb and it goes in, tries it, nothing works. Ultimately we find out the problem was the switch in the basement wasn’t turned on.