No, it seems like the problem, not the battery. It’s actually the starter. Say what? So I thought it was going to be one price repair turned out to be a whole nother price repair. But I thought, I thought it was one thing but someone else who knew more than me eventually out with something else. So what I’m saying is sometimes we can think we’re doing everything we need to do and we just figured out we’re not getting success. We don’t change the will of God Mt. Carmel Church.

We figure out if we need to understand more. Sometimes we’re bringing the will of God down to our way instead of taking our will up to his way. So this is what he’s asking for us to do. So if God has a will, does he always get his way? Is God in complete control? Woo. I’m going to make some people nervous because when we talk about the will of God, most people throw everything under the umbrella of his ultimate plans or purposes or the sovereignty of God and they will save it. They will use that phrase, the sovereignty of God.

Say, Hey, everything’s said, I’m just thankful that every detail of my life is in control of God. He’s sovereign after all, he’s in complete control. So when people ask me, Chad, are you saying that God’s not stubborn? Then I usually say, let me ask you this. What do you think sovereign means? So let’s look up what sovereign means. This is according to Webster’s 1828 dictionary. Here’s what it means. Kids don’t like that dictionary. What’s the matter Mt. Carmel Church?

Here’s it means Supreme in power. This is sovereign, Supreme, and power possessing Supreme dominion, superior to all others. A Supreme Lord or ruler, one who possesses the highest authority without control. So is God Supreme and power? Yes. It’s got Supreme and dominion. Yes. Is he the Supreme Lord or ruler is superior to all others? Yes. Does he possess the highest authority without control? Yes. I believe God is sovereign in that no one can control him Mt. Carmel Church. It doesn’t say anything in there about him controlling me. Sovereignty is is God superior above everything? Yes. No one is above God. No one can control God, but it does not say he controls.

Tells you from the very beginning of time in your Bible, God created, he had a heart. He had a will for relationship with mankind and not just with mankind. In the very begin, let’s go way back, way back. God had a desire to have relationships and in his sovereignty where no one could control him. He had a plan. He said, I’m going to create an environment of relationship based on freewill and love.

How do I know it’s based on that? Let’s go back to a guy by the name of Lucifer who was an arch angel. His sole job was to lead worship, but somehow an angel, I’m not talking about after the fall, I’m talking about before the fall Mt. Carmel Church, somehow an angel was able to rebel against God and take one third of the angels with him. How is that possible? How could that happen unless they had a will?

Did God have a will for loose Fern, one third of the angels to leave him? Is that what he wanted? No, he provided freewill opportunity and there will chose a different way. We can go forward now a little bit to Adam and Eve that God put him in the garden and said, eat of all these trees don’t need a bandwidth. So now they ate it, the one tree and they chose the way of the serpent. So they had a will. So we see from the very beginning, God’s will was relationship with us. Is he sovereign? Yes, absolutely. God is never out of control of what’s happening in the universe, but he’s not controlling every decision you make.

Okay? If he didn’t control everything that loose for did, why do you think he’s controlling everything that you’re doing? If he didn’t control everything that Adam and Eve is doing, why do you think he’s controlling everything that you’re doing Mt. Carmel Church? Yeah, that’s very good. We need to understand what sovereignty means. We need to understand where there’s a will.

There’s a way that God has a will for your life, but it doesn’t guarantee you’re going to experience that will. The only way, only way we’re going to experience the will of God is if we do it his way. This is what we’re understanding. This is what we’re trying to get out of the scripture. So does God always get what he wants?

First Timothy, chapter two for this as good and acceptable in the sight of God, our savior who desires all men to be saved? Who desires? Let’s read this here together for this is a good acceptable in the sight of God, our savior who read this part desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of truth. How many people does God want to be saved? That desire means to will. There’s a will. God has a will for all men to be saved. Not all males, all people, all males, all females, to be saved and to come to the knowledge of truth. How many people does God want to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth? Now, I’m not sure you’re guessing at how many people does God want to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth Mt. Carmel Church?