The word way means to succeed in reaching or accomplishing some activity or event. So where God has a will, he also has a way in order to experience his will understand this about God, where God has a will for your life. He has a way for you and I to experience his will. God does not have a will for you that is inaccessible to you Mt. Carmel Church.

Let me say that again. Did you write it down? Yeah. Taking notes and changing the worlds. Come on. God does not have a will for you that’s inaccessible to you will say, well, I know that’s God’s will, but I can’t do that. Yes, you can. I know that’s God’s will, but I can’t do that. I can’t get there. Yes, you can. Why? Because the Bible tells you in Philippians four that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. God never has a will for me that’s inaccessible to me. He never has a an attitude for you that is inaccessible to you. I can’t. I can’t love them. Yes you can. I can’t forgive them. Yes you can. I can’t get past this. Yes, you can. You can. You just, we just can’t do it through ourselves. God never has a will for me. Chad, I want you to walk in forgiveness. Well, I would if they would do Mt. Carmel Church.

No, no. It’s always accessible to us, but we have to do it his way. His way, his way is humble ourselves. Submit to God. He’s going to give us the way that w where there’s a will. There’s a way where there’s a will. There’s a way. So how many have heard this scripture used about experiencing this? Well, let me, let me go back. Let me say this. Sometimes if we’re not experiencing you ever been clear on the will of God, but you’re unclear on the way of God, you’re like, okay, I know this is what supposed to happen, but I don’t know how to get there. You are. You ever needed to go someplace, a town location somewhere and you knew where you’re supposed to go, but you just didn’t know how to get there. This was before Google maps Mt. Carmel Church.

Now use people that fear, like there was a time you had these big paper things you had to unfold. No one knew how to fold them back, but you unfolded them and you had to learn North, South, East, and West. And so you know, I need to go there and I’m here. So how do I get from here to there? There’s a way, there’s a way. There’s a right way and there’s a wrong way. Sometimes God will take you on the short route. Sometimes we choose the longer route, so this is what we got to figure out Mt. Carmel Church.

Sometimes if we’re not experiencing success God’s way, instead of trying to understand his way better, sometimes we’ll just adjust his will to match our way. I’m going to drop a bomb right here on you. Sometimes if we know this is what God wants, this is where he wants us to get, but we’re here and we don’t understand how to get there. We will just change that and say, that’s not his will anymore.

Come on now I’m with you. I do the same thing, but sometimes if we don’t know how to get where God wants us to go, if we’re not experiencing success on the way, then we will stop and change his will instead of changing our will, we do it in sincerity. How many times people said, well, I did what I thought I was supposed to do but I didn’t achieve success, so therefore it must not be his will. You could have trouble in a certain area. We can use all kinds of illustrations here Mt. Carmel Church.

I’ll just use a car. For example, you may, not long ago I had, I went to start my car and a few days before that I noticed that it was like [inaudible] it’s barely turning over. And I thought, Oh man, my batteries, batteries going down cause I’m a mechanic. So I thought I’d better go get it, gets better, gets better change. And so I kept putting it off and kept putting off and, and I, I realized, okay, one day [inaudible] so it started on my, okay, thank you Jesus.

My last day. So I went and I said, Hey, I need to get to this battery change. And they came out and they tested the battery and they said, no, the battery is good. I’m like, no, it’s not these people, this person at this, you know, part store came out and tests. I’m like, I don’t trust them. It’s the battery. And so, so I go to another place and I asked them and they test and say, yep, yeah, your batteries not doing good. I was like, that’s what I thought Mt. Carmel Church.

So they go and could put a new battery in. This would just be a few minutes, would swap out the battery. I’m like, okay, no problem. I’m sitting here. You can just look through the magazine, whatever. And the person walks out, tell something to the person at the counter, walks back in. I’m not going to spend like a long time. It’s taking so long and put a battery in. I could have done that myself cause I’m a mechanic and the person at the counter said, excuse me, uh, Ted Kim here for second. But uh, we’ve got a problem. Your, your truck won’t start. I’m like, isn’t that why we’re putting a battery in it? Hello?