So now can we know and understand God’s will or heart’s desires? When we talking about the will of God, can we know or understand it? Ephesians five 17 says this, therefore, do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is. How many has ever heard this? People say, well, you never know what God’s going to do. There’s no way to understand the will of God. Well, this verse here in Ephesians five 17 says, do not be unwise. Don’t be this way. Be this way. What is he telling us not to be? Don’t be unwise. What does unwise mean? Unwise just means don’t be uninformed or uneducated. Don’t be uninformed Mt. Carmel Church.

Don’t be uninstrumented, but be understanding to understand what the will of God is. So why would God tell you to understand the will of God if you can’t, why would he ask you or give you an instruction? Don’t be this way. Don’t be uninstrumented. Don’t be uninformed, but be understanding. Understand what the will of the Lord is. Well, how do we do it? Here’s what the word understand means. The word understand means to put together in your mind Mt. Carmel Church, comprehend by careful consideration to put together, understand the will of God. Understand the heart’s desire. God, how do I understand the heart’s desire of God from my life?

Trying to understand him is going to create massive frustration if we approach it in the wrong way. If we like, okay, so I’m saying I need to understand the will of God. Like I understand God. I’m not trying to bring God down to my level of understanding. Here’s what the verse means and here’s what it doesn’t mean. It does not mean God’s expecting you to know the who, what, when, where, why, and how of every detail of your life. That’s not what it means to understand the will of God.

If we D if we knew that then we wouldn’t need him. His expectation is not for you and I to understand the who, what, when, where, and why of all the details of our life. When he says understand the will of God, he says that we’re to understand members to piece together by careful consideration, so what God’s saying, how am I going to understand God’s heart’s desire for my life is that I began to piece together bits and pieces of information as I understand more and I’m begin to figure out what his heart’s desire is by relationship with him. Here’s what I mean. I wrote this down. The directive of understanding the will of God is omniscience to understand everything. It’s understanding who he is Mt. Carmel Church.

It’s learning to understand him, his desires. I don’t know God’s will for my life and every detail I don’t, but I need to know his desires for me. How do I know? Don’t be an instructed to be ignorant or an instructed to not know. He said to be ignorant of the will of God is to be ignorant of the word of God. Here’s how we know God’s heart’s desire for our life. This is God’s desires for you right here. Everything he wants for you has it right here. So when I don’t read this, I will never know this.

Come on. I can know the heart of God for my life. If I never read the Bible can’t do it. You can come to church every week and I’m glad you do, but only reason I want you to come to churches so that you can understand how to get to know him. It’s not for this to be the end all be all. This is a means to the end. It’s a means to him, to our vision is to connect people with Jesus from all roads of life. It’s not to connect you to the roads Mt. Carmel Church.

We want you to get connected to the road. So get connected with Jesus and if we’re going to understand the will of God, we have to know the word of God because this is his heart’s desire for us. So this is what he’s telling us. We can know he wants to send her his understand his will because he wants us to be like him Mt. Carmel Church.

Sometimes. Maybe you feel this way. We come to God and I know I do this and I repent of it and I say, God help me not to be this way, but sometimes we go to God just wanting answers. What can you do for me? Like I just need an answer. God all it needs an answer. God doesn’t want you to come to him for prayer only for answers. He wants you to come to him out of relationship. We’re not seeking what he can tell us.

We’re seeking him. We’re not seeking the information, we’re seeking the information giver. Why? Because if I only seek him for answers, I’m going to need another one. So when I get the answer I want and I’m satisfied for a day, guess what? Tomorrow I need another answer Mt. Carmel Church. I need more information. So I keep going back to him and all I’m pulling on him for his information. If I go for him, then now he begins to train.

Oh Jesus. Here’s God’s heart’s desire is to begin to mold you. The Bible says he wants to transform you and conform you into the image of his son. Why? Because he wants our desires to start lining up with his desires. So now we begin to think like him. I started to get ahead of myself. He said, find a way. Sometimes we focus so much on the wheel. We forget about the way. Here’s, here’s what God’s saying. I want to find a way in the will.