And here’s what I want to help you with this. So instead of if God wants to answer, the prayers are praying, we need to focus on praying the prayers he wants to answer. All right, so turn your Bible to first John chapter five so what do we pray? If you’re like cheddar, I don’t know what to pray. Let me give you some guidance. This has helped me immensely in my life and I pray that it will help you. Again, we’re just laying the foundation. A little bit of teaching on prayer verse John chapter five looks at verse 14 what do we pray? We guys, we set a time and a place, number one number two, we’re going to base our prayers on God’s word, not on our desires. So when and where we pray and what we pray, that’s what we’re establishing today. What do we pray? Look at first, John, chapter five verse 14 you are there. Whoa, nobody’s there. First John chapter five verse 14 anybody there says amen? Okay, just second. Now here’s what it says Mt. Carmel Church.

Verse 14 now this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to his will, he is. You’re getting there. Let’s, let’s try it again. If we ask anything according to his will, he, he hears us and we, if we know that he hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we’ve asked of him, so notice what it says now, this is the confidence. Everybody says confidence. If we want to get confidence in prayer, here’s the formula. Here’s what the word confidence means. It’s not what you think. When we think confidence, I know we think one thing, but here’s what the word means in scripture Mt. Carmel Church. It means they stayed of boldness and confidence in speech free or all outspokenness, freedom of speech, frankness or candor. Confidence is not referring to a feeling. Confidence is referring to a state of being or a state of speaking.

This is the confidence that we have in him, not the feeling like I feel confident that this is going to work out the way I want to and under. No, that’s always talking about this is the confidence we have in him. In other words, this is the way you talk in prayer when you’re in him. That’s what the Bible is teaching us Mt. Carmel Church, is teaching us a way to pray and a way to talk, not a way to feel. If we get connected to a way to feel, we will be discouraged all the time. Don’t get connected to a way to feel in prayer because we’ll pray like I feel sometimes I’m praying, I’m like, I don’t even know if it’s getting out of this closet. I don’t even know if anybody’s paying attention. I don’t feel anything. Doesn’t matter if we feel this is the confidence that we have in him.

So he this talking about the way we speak, notice what it says. This is the confidence that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. So we can speak freely and confidently knowing he hears us because we’re asking according to his work. So how can we be free and confident in prayer and know we’re praying the right thing when we ask according to his. So we’re wanting to ask according to his will if I’m going to be confident in prayer, I got to know I’m praying the right thing and what is according to his will, according to his will is according to his word. The word according to just means in relationship with Mt. Carmel Church.

So this is the confidence that we have when we are in him. Notice about this, the comps that we have in him knows the confidence is not in us, the confidence that we have in him. As I meditated on that and thought about it, I kept saying that over and over, the confidence that we have in him. First I thought, you know what, God, my confidence is in you and it’s not in me, so I have confidence in you. He says that’s good, but that’s not what I’m talking about Mt. Carmel Church.

I’m like, okay, now this is the comps that we have in him in you, man. I’m, I’m confident in you. I’m going to speak bullies. Like, no, that’s not what I’m talking about. Like you kind of tell me what you’re talking about here. And he brought this scripture in my mind. In John chapter 15 verse seven says, if you abide in me and my words abide in you, you will ask what you desire and it will be done for you. So when his words abide in us and we ask according to his will, that’s what it is with us here at Mt. Carmel Church. Now, this is the conference that we have in him. So when we are in him, there’s a confidence in how we pray. When I am abiding in his words and his words abiding in me, I’m praying differently. I’m confident in him. I’m not confident in check, but when I’m in him and his words are a body, there’s confidence in how I pray Mt. Carmel Church.

Not a feeling, but what you say. We’re praying his word. So look at what happens when we pray his word, what takes place. We don’t base our prayers on our desires. He says, and if we know that we, he hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we’ve asked of him. God wants us to pray the word back to him. Recent people don’t pray too many times. It’s cause they pray what they want and they hope he will give it. That’s their model of prayer. They go to God and it’s the Lord. I just pray that you will help me get this job I put in my application for just pray that you work things out for me. We’re praying our desires and hoping he does what we want. Oh, you’re too religious for me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Nobody’s like that.