They’re going to take Jesus, and the disciples were going to disperse and abandoned Jesus, and Jesus knew that was coming. So he said, you need to watch him pray because the tempter is coming. He’s coming, and if you’re not ready, you’re going to enter into that temptation. So why do we need to pray? Because he’s preparing us for what’s ahead. Why do I get up and pray that day? Because the timber’s coming that day, it does not mean that the temptation won’t come. Notice what he says, watch and pray, lest you enter Mt. Carmel Church.

It’s a different deal. Temptation’s going to come in our life, but when we’re prayed up and ready, we won’t enter into it. We’ll see it. We’ll go, ah, I’m not going there. I’ve been praying this morning and God prepared me for that temptation. He prepared me for that thought. He prepared me, prepared me for that coworker Mt. Carmel Church. He prepared me for that person to go off in front of my face. He prepared me for that. Just disappointing news that I just got today. He prepared me for that phone call. Oh, it’s a tough one to take the Lord. I’m not going to enter into that temptation because I’ve been prepared by prayer. Watch and pray. Why? Because God knows what’s coming. When we don’t. He knows what’s going to come. How many times we thought everything was going great in our day and all of a sudden, bam.

One thing can happen. There had been part of that one news from a family member, one news from yourself for a job. All of a sudden, Hey, sorry, we’re gonna have to let you go. That’s a pretty tough day. But if we pray, it does not mean those things won’t come, but God will prepare us for it so that we’ll be able to endure. So set a time and a place here at Mt. Carmel Church. Prayer prepares us because notice what it says. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Our flesh is not going to be prepared for that. We’re not going to be able to handle that. But our spirit is willing. Your spirit, my spirit, it’s, it’s set on go all the time. It’s zealous. It’s ready. Woo. Let’s go. Let’s serve God. Come on. That’s my Spirit’s ready. When my flesh is like,


love, whatever sound to make for something weak. But no, we’re, we’re weak. You’re like, I want to do the right thing, but, but I’m tempted to do the wrong thing. I want to do what God tells me to do, but I’m tempted to do this. My flesh is weak but my spirit is strong. So when we pray we built up our spiritual strength. Be prepared for the day. That is ahead. That’s why you start your day cause I want to get up and I’ll say, God before I take any social media in Mt. Carmel Church, before I take any news in before I want to take anything, I just want to get to my prayer time with you and I want to hear what you have to say before I hear what everybody else has to say because here’s the problem. We hear everybody else and then we try to go back and hear God and the influence of everybody else’s voices is already tainted.

Our hearts. Get a fresh perspective. The first voice speaking into your life every morning should be, God should be his word. Just say, okay Lord, before I get anything from, I’m going to see who, who Snapchatted me overnight. No, you can check that later. See what God has to Snapchat you this morning. See what he has to tweet you this morning. See what he’s sending you on a DM Mt. Carmel Church. See what he has to put into your heart before you get what other people are saying. Don’t take your heart with the counterfeit news. All right, now let’s look at the second one. The first one set a time and a place. That’s the what or the where and the when. Let’s look at the second one. Pray word-based prayers. Let’s deal with what. So what do we pray? What do we pray? When do we pray? Where do we pray?

Set a time and place. I encourage you to start that. Start that. So tomorrow morning, set a time to, Hey, I’m going to get up five to get up. 15 minutes earlier. Get up 15 minutes earlier. Set a time and a place you’re like, well, can I pray at night? You can. If it works better for you. I’m just saying, set a time and place. So it’s your schedule between you and God. But number two, base our prayers on God’s word, not our desires. One of the biggest discouragement we have in prayer is unanswered prayers Mt. Carmel Church. Or it’s believing that we’re praying and it doesn’t matter. It’s not gonna make any difference. How many have ever felt that way that I prayed and had not gone to matter? So why do I pray? Have you ever heard the term hail Mary? Somebody throwing a hail Mary? Well, this term gained widespread after nineteens.

I did some research on the word, the phrase hail Mary, 1975 NFL playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings, Cowboys, Cowboys, quarterback, Roger Starbuck. He threw this winning touchdown pass to his receiver, drew Pearson, ask him after the game said, so what’d you think about that last pass? And he said, I quote, I closed my eyes and said, a hail Mary. From that point on, that phrase began to be attached to just long passes or long shots with very little chance to go. And it’s just a hail, Mary. But the problem is we’ve attached that also to prayer that we think prayers just a hail Mary. I don’t know, I’ll just pray. See what happens. If nothing else, I’ll pray. Prayer is the best thing we can do, but we get discouraged because we don’t see results.