I’m pursuing something greater. I’m not leaving food or whatever behind. I’m pursuing something greater. I’m coming after you. God, lookout. Here I come. That’s gotta be our heart in prayer and fasting. We’re pursuing something, not just what do I gotta quit? What am I giving up at school? We’re going after. So hope you get that heart Mt. Carmel Church.

There are some things provide in fasting provides both the spiritual and natural benefit. Here are some natural benefits of fasting. I’m no doctor, but here are some things that I’ve done some reading on and I’ve even experienced my life. Fasting cleanses cleanse your body. If you are fasting, I encourage you, drink plenty of water, drink lots of water. It helps, helps the process, helps get rid of the body, gets rid of toxins in your body Mt. Carmel Church. It will sharpen your mental process. It will help you be more alert and more aware. Now, that’s sometimes after some initial grogginess. If you’ve never fasted before when you first start fasting, a lot of times you’re going to feel rundown and groggy and I need some food right now. That’s usually your body eliminating some things that you’ve been depending on for energy, so just you pray about that and pray. If you’re doing that, push through that and God’s going to bring some alertness and some awareness to you if you’re wanting to do that.

Just again, just practical tips. If you want to do that, here are some signs of the fastest working in your life. Headaches, you’re experiencing headaches. It’s probably because you’re the fastest working. It’s your body. Again, going through some withdrawals, weakness, rundown feelings, but those headaches will often leave. And this, the impurities and the poisons the body has. If you have some health concerns, consult your physician. I’d love to go into basic some, some of the nuts and bolts of fasting, uh, what fasting has done in my life and how it’s helped me spiritually and physically. There are lots of things practically to it, but I don’t want ever people to feel like they have to do a certain thing. We provide you an opportunity for prayer and fasting. What you do with it is between you and God. Are we okay with that? So I don’t want any guilt and condemnation with us Mt. Carmel Church.

I don’t want any competition. And you know, I don’t want you to be trying to beat anybody in fasting. There’s still, there’s no, I’m doing a better fast. That’s not what it’s about. It’s connecting your heart with Jesus. Okay? That’s the heart behind it. So that’s a little bit about fasting. But today I want to talk about, Oh, let me give you one of the quotes. I thought it was really good. Lisa [inaudible] said this, a diet changes the way you look, but fasting changes the way you see. Fasting is not much about designing self as it is about indulging in God. I like that diet can change the way you look physically Mt. Carmel Church, but fasting changes the way you see changes, the way you see things. That’s what we’re after. We’re willing to see it from a different perspective. Jetson Franklin says this also in that devotional I know of no other spiritual discipline, no other spiritual discipline that sharpens the heart and soul of a believer.

More than fasting. Fasting is sharpening the ax. If you’re not careful, you’ll be trying to cut down trees with an ax handle that doesn’t have an edge on the ax. Fasting is making the edge sharp so it can do greater work. So I encourage you if you’ve never fasted before, jump in with us at some point, maybe, uh, over these next three days. Pick three days, Sam, we’ll do some fasting over that time. Just take it a little bit of time and just step into it. Let God lead you. But I want to talk about prayer today. I’ll give you two basic principles of establishing prayer in our lives. If we don’t have, let me say this way. If we don’t create a prayer life, we will never have a prayer life. One of those that I didn’t use to have a consistent prayer life.

I’ve prayed like any Christian like you know when once in a while and when I should and over my food and you know, pray all the time. But I want to talk to you about establishing a prayer life. And again, this isn’t for everybody to do it the same way. I’m just to give you some basic principles Mt. Carmel Church. Here’s the first principle. Number one set a time and a place set a time and a place. I’m not talking about, I’m talking about one consistent, you can pray all day, but I’m talking about at least one time a day. Set a time and place. This is talking about when and where you meet with God. It doesn’t have to be at an exact time but set a time. It’s like make an appointment with God and keep it. Set an appointment. Say, okay, at this time, every day we’re going to meet and you show up.

Be faithful. If you want him to show up, you show up. He’s going to keep his appointments, but will wheat. So set a time and place. Those said in Matthew chapter six but you, when you pray, go into your room. When you shut your door, pray to your father who was in the secret place. Father sees in secret will reward you openly Mt. Carmel Church. Establish a time and a place for you. Meet with guts. The duration is up to you. It doesn’t have to be for an hour. It doesn’t have to be for whatever but set a time and place for you. Get up maybe in your chair, maybe in the basement, maybe upstairs, maybe in a room. I don’t know where it is. Maybe it’s in a closet and a literal room where you go and shut your door, but set a time where you can get alone with God, just you and him.