No. When you fast, anoint your heard, wash your face so that you do not appear to men to be fasting, but to your father who’s in the secret place and your father who sees in secret will reward you openly. Here’s the third D. it’s discretion. Praying and fasting in secret praying and fasting in secret secret discretion is about doing it. When no one is watching. Here’s the thing that we need to know about God and it’s either good or bad. Your father sees in secret Mt. Carmel Church.

It’s what the Bible says your father sees in secret said, when you pray, when you fast, when you pray, do this. Go into your room. Shut your door. Don’t stand up in front everybody. Hey, I just want to pray. I’m not talking about you. Pray for your food or something like that. You may have to do in public, but I’m talking about your normal everyday prayer. Your conversation with God should be the, you should have a secret place that’s just you and Jesus. Find it. Praying in front of a bunch of the people praying while you’re driving down the road. All that still fine. You can do that. But I encourage you, find a secret place that just you and God go good.

Have a place for only you and him are that you spend time with him. You’ve got things on your wall, a good movie and watches that movie war room. You could watch that. That movie can encourage you in a prayer life. And, and I’ve got a place where I’ve got papers taped all over my wall and it’s right, the Heights where I kneel down and I see it and I can speak. They’ve got maps over here. I’ve got all these things on my wall. That’s my secret place. So I go just me and God, he said, so that’s something you do secret God sees in secret. Now, if I tell you God, seasoned secret, depending on what we’re doing, that’s either a good thing or a bad thing.

That’s good Mt. Carmel Church. Your father sees in secret is either good news or Oh my gosh, right? Depending on what we’re doing, if you’re praying and doing things privately, if you’re praying and fasting in secret, the Bible says he will reward you openly. In other words, what here’s, I wrote this down, I thought this was good. Private discipline produces public rewards. You can apply that to anything. You can play that to sports. You can play that to business. You can play anything. What you do privately will produce public rewards. Private discipline produces private discipline and how you handle yourself. What do you do when no one’s watching? That’s gonna make the difference. What, what an athlete does privately determines what they do. Publicly had the final four of the college football, uh, yesterday, putting all some top football’s on TV. So, but what those athletes do privately helps them do what they did on TV last night. It’s not just that moment. So it’s about what do we do privately in our walk with Jesus is going to determine how we are going to perform publicly. See us. Lewis said this, integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. Yes discretion. The third deed, what’s happening in your life when no one’s watching, what’s going on in your life and no one’s watching the good and the bad about the father. Seeing in secret is that he knows everything that you and I are doing and thinking is that good?

It could be really good or it could be very challenging because we know our hearts, we know what’s going on, but I want you to know this. The reason God sees in secret is not to make you feel bad about doing bad. He sees in secret because he wants to pull you out of that God never sees in secret so he can hold it over your head and bash you over the head and say, what are you doing? But we need to know what are we doing in private is going to come out. Eventually Mt. Carmel Church. I’ll try and tell people to my kids till this, that what you do in secret eventually will be known. Um, we’ll find out one or two things. Holy Spirit’s going to tell me, cause we talk. I ain’t scared to tell him he tech. He talks to me. I say, Lord, what are my kids doing right now? Just tell me. You’re like, he tells you that stuff. He’ll, he’ll tell you things. The Bible says that he tells you things to come. So he’ll, he’ll even tell us, but he also knows what I’m doing. I’m accountable to the father just like my kids are. So you’ve got to know what do we do in private? What do you look at on your phone when nobody’s looking?

How do you talk when nobody’s looking? How do you talk when you’re not around your parents, you’re not around church people. One of the challenge is about understanding that God sees in secret. We’re like, okay. So he knows everything about my life anyway. So it puts us in a position we need to just be open and honest about it Mt. Carmel Church. Don’t try and hide anything before God. He already knows. Don’t put on airs and act like a church kid in church and be somebody different total outside of church. God already knows who you are. He already knows, so don’t try and fool him. Don’t try and bamboozle him. Try and pull the wool over his eyes. You can fool people, but you can’t fool God. So just be honest. Hey, I’m not living for Jesus right now. I’m not. I’m a, it always hurts my heart a little bit.

When I find out about people or kids, people come to me. I don’t know why people come to me and tell me stuff. It’s like I’m the principal of the church. Like you know, so-and-so goes to your church. You know what they’re doing. Thank you for telling me that. That really makes me feel better. You’re like, you know what that kid’s doing? You know what that person says? You know what they say no when they’re not in church. You know what that kid’s doing Mt. Carmel Church? What’s happening in their life. I don’t know, but I just know this the father sees in secret. So I want to live a life where I, whatever I’m doing, I’m committed to him and open as well as in private. So here’s what I wants to focus on is professing three DS. Number one, what is your devotion? Who are you devoted to?