Although this withdrawal and my mind starts dealing with this, all the negative about what you’re not going to get to eat, what you’re not going to get to have, and starts bringing me down where I’m starting to get discouraged about prayer and fasting and the reason I’m getting discouraged because I’m focused on the negative prayer and fasting supposed to be about the greater, so it’s not about what I’m doing without, it’s about what I’m pursuing that’s greater than what I’m doing without see when we get discouraged, when we get grouchy and complaining about it, because our focus is all on what we can’t have instead of focusing on what God’s going to do in our life here at Mt. Carmel Church.

And I just want to encourage you during this prayer and fasting time to find something greater. Don’t find, don’t, don’t focus on, well, what can I quit? What can I give up? Don’t just focus on that. That’s great, but what are you going to start that’s greater? What are you going to pick up this greater? What are you going to focus on that’s going to be big in your life so that when I compare it to that piece of cake, it just doesn’t compare because what I’m going after is greater with us here at Mt. Carmel Church. Yeah. Could he take cake if I wanted to, but it doesn’t compare to what God wants to do in my life. Find something greater for 2020 I believe God wants to do greater in the road’s church. I believe God was to do greater in your life, so let’s pick out something greater to focus on. I still get negative about what I can eat that game. Eat bad. It’s easy to get depressed. I don’t want to go into prayer and fasting. Depressed. That’s going to come enough on its own.

It’s going to come about day, whatever it’s going to happen, but I’m telling if you focus on something greater than now, your interest, it say, God, what are you going to do in my life? I may have, yes, I may have to say no to certain things, but it’s not about your no prayer and fasting is not up to be focused on the note. It’s focused on your yeses. What are your yeses? If you don’t have any yeses, get them. Get a yes to believe in. Get a yes. Here’s what I want you to do before I may mention it again at the end of the service, but before next week is we’re going to start on Wednesday at Mt. Carmel Church. January 1st is usually when it starts. You can do whatever you want. You may, you don’t have to do again, nobody’s telling you what to do. We just make a time of prayer and fasting for 21 days because the Bible says when you fast, when you pray, not if I’ve had people say, well, I don’t wanna have to do it just because you say so. I’m not saying so. I’m giving you an opportunity to because if you won’t do it with a group of people that are doing it together, when will you do it? I’ll tell you when chattel do it. It’s called never.

If you’re going to take it and wait for me to feel it, Oh, I feel like it’s never going to happen, so I have to discipline myself and I have to say, I’m going to fast during this time. I’m going to pray during this time. I’m going to set that apart so you don’t have to partake of it, but I just make a time where we come together as a body. You say, you know what? I’m going to go for it this year. Maybe just start with the day. Maybe you start with a meal. I don’t know whatever it is for you, but I encourage you find something greater. Don’t focus on if I can help people with this, people come to me. I’ll tell him, well, what do you think I should fast? You’re focusing on the negative. I will tell you what, what should you be praying for here at Mt. Carmel Church?

What breakthrough should you be praying for them. See, we’re not, we’re not praying and fasting together so that we can survive 21 days without social media. We’re not praying and fasting together so that we can survive 21 days without sugar, without coffee, without soda, or even without food. It doesn’t matter. That’s not what we’re praying. Fasting. We’re praying and fasting for breakthrough in our families, in our churches, in our lives, and our kids. That’s what we’ve got. Something greater. We’re focused on. We’re praying for God to move in our midst, to move in our lives, moving our families. I know I’ve given up food just so I can say I gave up food. Who cares? What am I believing God for? What’s the miracle that you need in your life? What’s the breakthrough you need in your family? That’s what you write down. This is the greater that I’m fasting for.

This was a greater that I’m praying for. Gotta have something you gotta have a greater yes than you’re. No. The Bible says this in Matthew chapter five blessed are those who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness, for they shall be filled, shall be filled. Now I saw three keys to prayer and fasting in the scriptures. I want you to find them with me in Matthew chapter six three keys to prayer and fasting and they’re going to correlate one with the other prayer and fasting for the best Mt. Carmel Church. Jesus said the same. Three things about the two topics. I want you to see the similarities. Look in verse five it says, and when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites. Now look at verse 16 moreover, when you fast do not be like the hypocrites. Do you see a theme? I see a theme. So here’s three keys and we’ll give you the prayer.

Fasting. The first one, they all start with the D. the first one is devotion. It’s about devotion. Prayer and fasting is about devotion. Remember I told you it’s not about deprivation. It’s not about what you can do without. It’s about your devotion. God’s not impressed with my deprivation. He’s impressed with your devotion. Notice what he said. When you pray and when you fast, do not be like the who. How many people have ever heard somebody say, I don’t want to come to church because there’s a bunch of hypocrites. [inaudible] that’s one of the most common things I hear. I’m not coming here with the most amazing service that only Mt. Carmel Church can provide. A bunch of hypocrites in there. Well, guess what? You’re right there. 100% right? 100% right? They’re hypocrites in the church. There’s hypocrites in the church, hypocrites out the church, hypocrites everywhere. Hypocrites on stages becomes hypocrite. If we’ve learned about definition, here’s what hypocrites means.