So when I choose more prayer or more of God instead of food, that’s a big deal. That’s something you have to have physically. TV, I don’t have to have, you know, so it’s good. Maybe I want to take 21 days off of social media. That’s great. That’s fine, but I don’t have to have social media. But when I say, God, instead of eating lunch today, I’m going to spend my whole lunch hour praying or reading my Bible. That’s a big deal when I say, you know what? Instead of instead of, uh, instead of going out to eat, I’m going to stay home with, instead of going out, my friends are going out to eat. I’m going to say home and I’m going to spend that time praying. That’s a big sacrifice. You’re saying no to something. You need food for something for God. So that’s why food is important with us here at Mt. Carmel Church.

Why? Why? It’s a significant part of fasting, but it helps us reveal Lordship. And what I mean by that, here’s what fasting does. Fasting is that when we decide who’s going to be Lord in our life, our spiritual desires or our fleshly desires, when you say no to to food or something, fleshly desire, you’re putting God in a seat of Lordship in your life. In other words, who’s going to be the boss of my life? That’s where my little kids would like buddy, one of my kids, you know, everybody’s home for the holiday, so it’s ramped up, you know? And so one of them said, Hey, don’t do that. Well, the other one said, you’re not the boss of me. That’s the bus me. Well, we have that same struggle going in our life between our flesh and our spirit. Paul talked about what I want to do now that Mt. Carmel Church is here for you.

I don’t do what I don’t want to do. I do do you see? I said, dude, dude, but you know, he’s talking about, it’s like the things that it’s this war in our flesh Mt. Carmel Church. Like I wanna do the right thing, but I find myself being ticketed by the wrong, who’s going to be the Lord. And fasting helps us reveal Lordship when I can say no to my flesh that says, eat that, drink that, whatever it is. I say no to that. And I say yes to the spirit. It’s helping me get an a position for the voice of my flesh gets weaker and the voice of my spirit gets stronger. Fasting helps us turn up the volume of the voice of God in your life and turn down the volume of temptation. This is one of the big parts of fasting. It helps you when you’re having fleshly temptations.

Once you keep saying no to them and yes to something else, all of a sudden your spirit gets stronger and your flesh gets weaker. That’s one part of, of the benefit of fasting. Here’s the, here’s another part. In Galatians five 24 says, and those who are Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires, crucified the flesh, crucified or fleshly desires. Why do we need to do that? Romans eight eight says so then those who are in the flesh cannot please God. We want to be. We want to please God. We want to honor God so I can’t let my flesh run my life. I can’t let go of my my here’s, here’s a good thing. That’s a good thing. It’s not a good thing, but here’s the common thing that said, well, if it feels good, do it. Let’s flesh. If I did everything my flesh wanted to do, what kind of life would I live?

That’s what why we’re trying to, I don’t do whatever I want to do. I don’t do just everything that feels good because not everything that feels good is good. So we’re going to say I’m one of my spirit to be in charge. So fasting helps us do that. It helps us get a position where I say no to what I want and yes to what God wants. Reveal his Lordship. That’s the first thing. Number two, fasting is about a greater purpose of every say greater. It’s not just about what you can do without. This is important about prayer and fasting. I want you to understand this about the better 21 days of prayer and fasting is so important Mt. Carmel Church. It’s not just about what we do without, it’s about a greater purpose. It’s about something bigger. We have to have something bigger. It’s not just about what we move away from, but it’s about what we moved towards.

Notice about fasting. Fasting doesn’t move God. God’s not impressed with your fast. Fasting doesn’t move God to do something. Fasting moves us. Fasting moves me into a position to hear God more clearly. Fasting moves me into a position to say no to the wrong things and yes to the right things. Fasting doesn’t impress God so that he will start acting. Fasting moves me into position that I’m more in sync with his voice. It’s a value of fasting. That’s why we want to do it. It’s not because I’m trying to impress him. Say, Oh yeah, God’s help with, I went all day without eating. That’s great, but did I get in line with him more than that day or did I just spend that day starving? We don’t impress him with our deprivation. We impress him with our devotion that is found here at Mt. Carmel Church. It’s about our heart. It’s like, do I want more of him?

That’s that’s what’s really gonna move the hand of God. Fasting is supposed to be positive focus and not negative and focused. Every time, every year around December, since we started doing this several years ago, every year around December starts getting to the holidays. It’s like my body is stinked. Dively knows what’s coming at the turn of the calendar and it enters into a state of mourning. It’s like this thing, my body starts eating stuff and just thinking about it’s good a little bit because I really embrace the taste of certain things. You know? It’s like, but my body starts going into this Mt. Carmel Church.