I’m like, why do I need that? Why God? Why are you telling me that? What does that make any difference? What’s going on in my life? I’m not facing that. He says, Jesus, you don’t even know. He didn’t even know we got it. He doesn’t know what’s happening tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning, you don’t know the phone calls cover [inaudible] you don’t know what’s happening. He doesn’t know. But we know. So we’re putting in him Mt. Carmel Church our love and praise.

I’m finding something in prayer. I’m uncovering something in prayer that going to need for later who find grace to help in times of need and time of need. So we’ll see. The time of need is not about a single event. Can I say it this way Mt. Carmel Church? Find grace to help. Slow down, wanting to get all this out in a short amount of time. Find grace to help in a time of need. Sometimes we think it’s, he’ll give me what I need when I need it is about a thing. Instead of understanding what we’re supposed to find that grace to help. We think shortsightedly when we think that what God wants to give you is about an event instead of about development. God doesn’t want to put things in you for our thing. He wants to put things in you for anything.

Well, Hey, he wants to supply what is lacking, fulfill, fulfill every need in your life so that whatever you’re facing, boom, I’m prepared. I’m ready. Cause in our mind will say, man, I wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t know that was coming and we may not, but our spirit is, if we’ll spend time in prayer, God can put things in our spirit. He can put a piece on you that you don’t even know why. You’re just like, man, I just, I got a piece today.

I don’t, and what is the value of a menace? I’m not stressed about anything. They’ve got this piece. All of a sudden, bam, you get this news, you’re laid off. Whoa, Whoa. Why am I not wigging out? What am I not going crazy? Why am I not punching a wall Mt. Carmel Church? Why am I not? Why am I not? Why am I not? Because he supplied what was needed before the time of need came. That’s what God wants to do in prayer. He wants to supply you something. He knows what’s going to happen that night after supper between you and your spouse. So in prayer that morning, he’s making your vessel soft and flexible.

He knows what’s going to happen at your job. He, he knows what we need of before we ask. So if we’ll come to him, we’ll find the grace to help the goodness, the kindness to have supply what is lacking and fulfill every need way before the time of need comes. Does anybody want to pray now? We got needs coming. We got needs coming so we gotta be ready. So now what does this look like? What does finding the grace to help look like? Let’s go to Luke chapter 11 we’re going to land the plane right here. Luke chapter 11 who? Jesus. I’m thankful for you. First service people. You let me practice

we practice on my timing and what I can get to and what I can’t. That way. Second service online and Mount Carmel manage just keeps going up and up except for the test. Some of you don’t believe that. You’re like, I don’t believe it gets any better at all. Luke chapter. You’re good people. Yes, you are. Luke chapter 11 have you found it? Stay focused on people. Now, this is, this is what brain pray bold prayers to look like here at Mt. Carmel Church.

Finding. Remember you find grace. So prayers about finding something. Prayer is not about begging God just to give you something. Prayers about finding something that’s already there. Get revelation, get revelation. We think we think God is Santa Claus. We come to him with our list and say, we want this, this, this, this, this and this. And then if we don’t get this, this, this, and this, we think he’s failed.

We don’t think we have any responsibility to find what’s available. Oh, Jesus. Luke, let me just read this now. It came to pass as he was praying. Verse one, as he’s praying in a certain place, Jesus was praying. When he sees that one of his disciples said to him, Lord, teach us to what? So is there a right way to pray or a wrong way to pray? Jesus taught them how to them. They saw the value in prayer. They heard him pray Mt. Carmel Church.

They saw his lifestyle, they sold, they looked, they heard how Jesus prayed, and they saw the fruit of his life. And what did they say? Teach us to pray. I know the money is in the prayer. That’s where my bread’s going to be. But teach me to pray. Lord, I’m over here going, just God bless my food. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve seen the fruit of your life.

Teach me to pray this. What’s happened. This way we got to pray. This was to teach us to pray as John taught his disciples. So he said to them, when you pray, say our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom comes, you will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day by day our daily bread and forgive us our sins for we also forgive everyone indebted to us and do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. Verse five which of you, so this is in the context of prayer. We’re still teaching on prayer. So this next parable is still about prayer and he said to them, which of you shall have it Mt. Carmel Church!