Number one, when and where that we set a time and a place. Hopefully, you’re doing that. You find a place for you and God can get alone to a secret place, just you and him every day. When and where. Number two, I told you what we pray word-based prayers. What are we going to pray? We’re not praying our desires. We’re praying what he says. Praying his word back to him, right? Praying his word, speaking his word, his will is here at Mt. Carmel Church.

Number three we talked about how praying bold prayers is about praying, bold and praying, believing, bold and believing. I’m going to stay with bold today. Believing will be next week. I encourage them and bring somebody for next week. When we talk about praying, believing in the difference that makes, I wanted to do that this week but didn’t have time. We want to get into these things about praying bolts. So let’s pray both with us Mt. Carmel Church. Pray, everybody says bowls. We’re going to pray boldly.

Now, remember this about boldness in the kingdom of heaven. Boldness and humility are not opposites. A little, a bit of false humility in the world where we think boldness and humility are not the same and the kingdom of heaven. Boldness and humility are not opposite, so don’t be afraid to be bold. Bold is not pride. People think bold and pride is synonymous and boldness and humility are opposites. It is not true in the kingdom of heaven. I can be humble and bold at the same time. So let’s see what that looks like. Have you found Hebrews chapter four look at verse 14 seeing then that we have a great high priest who is passed through the heavens? Jesus, the son of God. Let us hold fast here at Mt. Carmel Church. Our confession for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but be in all points tempted as we are.

Thank you, Jesus. Yet without sin. Thank you even more because of that. Let us, therefore, because seeing Jesus has passed through the heavens and came down to earth and was all points tempted as we are yet without saying and resist Rez, return to heaven, seated at the right hand of the father to daily. Pray for us. Seeing, therefore, because of that, let us therefore come. What? Come come. One that’s not very bold. Let us come. That’s what I’m talking about. Again, bold is not a feeling. Bold is down an emotion. We’re not going to feel bold every time we speak boldly, you don’t stop pumping yourself up to feel bold. We got to get it out of our head. We come boldly was the word boldly means that word boldly just means again, boldness or confidence in speech, outspoken as freedom, frankness or candor in speech.

So we come boldly to what we come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Now, we talked about this verse last week, but there’s a couple of things that I feel like we want to highlight again. We come boldly to the throne of grace. Why can we do that? Because of the three, Ephesians three 12 because of Christ and our faith in him, we can come boldly and confidently into the presence of God.

Can I, is my boldness and confidence coming into the presence of God based on me? No. It’s because of, because of him. Because of Christ. Because of Jesus. We’re not coming boldly because we’re good. We’re coming boldly because he’s good with us here at Mt. Carmel Church. It’s not about us. Get over yourself. Get over me. I’m coming boldly and confident. Not because I feel good about me, but because I believe good about him. Yeah. Get our believer right.

We’re measuring our boldness and confidence based on our value, based on our measurement of our self worth and we think we’ve been good enough. We can come boldly because I’ve been good at it. It’s not attached to that. It’s because of Christ Mt. Carmel Church. It’s because of His grace. Just emphasizing that again. So now we’re coming boldly doesn’t mean I’m coming in. Bossing

coming boldly doesn’t mean I come in bossy. Coming in boldly means I come in honest. I’m just coming in honest, telling it like it is outspoken free speech. That’s what it means. So what are we coming boldly to? We’re coming boldly to the throne of the throne represents his place of authority or rule. So this is where God’s ruling from. Get this imagery into your head. When you come to pray to Jesus, maybe you’ve just heard of the great white throne of judgment and you’ve got this image your head.

I’m coming to pray to this angry guy, overseeing and ready to punish everybody. No, you need to get this into your head that you’re coming to a throne of grace, the throne of grace. What does grace mean? Grace means Goodwill means favor here at Mt. Carmel Church, kindness, graciousness. So God sets on a throne of grace. He sets on a throat of graciousness.

He sets on the throne of kindness. He sits on the throne of favor. Now, this does not speak of him blindly or turning a blind eye to sin. It doesn’t speak to a just overlooking anything that we’ve done. It doesn’t speak to we can live however we want and it doesn’t matter. The throne of grace does not speak to our side at all. It speaks to what we will find when we come to him. Do you get that clarity? The throne of grace isn’t a rubber stamp of you live in how you walk. It’s the throne of grace as a picture, an image of the disposition of how what we will find when we come to him. It’s how he treats you.