My first scripture is talking about new why I think God may have been in part of what we were doing this morning. Give it up for a worship team. So thankful. So notice what happens. He says you don’t put new wine into old wineskins. So what does this look like? Wineskins were containers made of animal skin and they would seal them. So they’d pour this new wine into these animal skins containers and they would seal them. And what would happen? The fermentation process of one, when it ferments, gases are released and pressure builds up in there. And so a new wineskin is soft and flexible and it’s a little bit of Lastic with us Mt. Carmel Church.

So as that wine, that gases and pressure cause that to expand and the new one will expand with it and make room and increase its capacity to contain what’s growing on the inside of it. The pressure of that new wine causes that thing to push out and its capacity can increase because it’s soft Mt. Carmel Church, flexible and elastic. But now an old wineskin after it’s been expanded one time starts to get stiff and rigid and so now you put new wine into that old wineskin that’s already settled.

It’s already stiff and it’s already rigid and you seal that up. When those gases are released and it starts to expand, that old one won’t expand. It’s already reached. It’s predetermined, be the predetermined limit and it says, I can’t go any further. And so than those gases, that pressure of the new thing building and growing on the inside of it burst the container and it says the container is ruined or useless. Now, why is Jesus using that analogy when talking about fasting? We liked that analogy, but we’ve not always tied it to fasting. Is it possible the fasting keeps us soft and flexible for the new thing that God wants to pour into your heart?

I believe, that what we’re believing for is new wine inside of us. I’m not talking about literal wine. I’m talking about the move of God, the presence of God, the new thing that God wants to do in you. I believe God was to increase your capacity in 2020 but if we get old and stiff and rigid, then the new thing that God wants to pour into us, the pressure is going to come. When I say I’m praying for an increase in your life, I’m not praying for comfort in your lives Mt. Carmel Church.

Yeah, because what comes with the increase is pressure. I’ve got to find somebody who wants to agree with that. We don’t, we don’t want the pressure. We want to increase the capacity terms and we want, we want the growth and all those kinds of that kind of language, but do we want the pressure that causes that increased capacity? I believe this prayer and fasting are humbling ourselves before God and it keeps us soft and flexible.

Say, God, I want the new wine. Here I am. I’m a vessel. I’m just a vessel. Pour into me that new wine and Lord, I’m going to be soft and flexible for the new thing you want to do in 2020 wherever you want me to go. Whatever you want me to think. The new way of thinking, the new perspective, the new way I treat my spouse, the new way I handle my finances, the new way I handle my faith, my health, the new way I handle my coworkers, whatever it is, you’re increasing my capacity Mt. Carmel Church.

I want to save soft and flexible, so I’m believing for the increase in the road search in 2020 in your life and our life together, but we gotta be soft and flexible. Do it and Jesus said a key to being soft and flexible is fasting. We’re not going to be stiff and rigid. Don’t let your age or your length of service limit the new thing that God wants to do in your heart. Your age is a number. You don’t mean anything. I know that’s bad grammar, but it feels better to say it that way. It doesn’t mean a thing. Just because you reach a certain age, you are not an old vessel.

just missed because you’ve got a certain number beside your name. You’re not an old vessel. A new vessel is just soft and flexible. It doesn’t matter how old it is. I’m believing God for new things. So that’s what fasting is about Mt. Carmel Church. He’s, he’s wanting to stay soft and flexible. So where does anybody want God to do something new in your life in 2020 yeah? Yeah. Yeah. You may believe for an increase in their capacity in 2020 well, guess what? Pressures come. I’m going to say it this way. We’ll catch everybody overflow catching you. Pressure’s coming to everybody. It’s coming. It’s whether we’re going to be able to expand to contain it or not. Pressure’s going to come. We’re not praying. God, give me a pressure-free lock. No, no, no, no. God helped me get to expand to whatever pressure comes that I’ll be able to contain it.

Thank you, Jesus. All right, that’s fasting. Now let’s go into prayer. You guys got that? You’re ready to expand. Ready to grow. All right, let’s go to Hebrews chapter four. Been giving you principles on establishing prayer in our lives. Been giving you these basic principles for establishing a prayer life. Because here’s what I believe God wants to do. God wants to take the prayer life of this church to a whole nother level Mt. Carmel Church.

People that haven’t prayed are going to start praying. People that quit praying are going to start again. People that prayed for just a little bit just prayed over the food. They’re going to start having prayer time in a closet with God in a secret place. I believe God’s taking your communication level to him to a whole nother level this morning, so two basic principles I’ve given you already.